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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Max Patch late October

We decided to take another trip to Harmon Den (Max Patch) this is located in North Carolina just off of Exit 7 on I 40. We had a group from the Homeschool Hikers join us.

It is a 6 mile drive up a gravel road. But the road is easy enough for mini vans, and last time a small Cooper sports car. Though there are times that you have to navigate on the narrow roads when you meet an oncoming driver.

This place is just so beautiful you just have to go visit in the fall. I would recommend the first 2 weeks in October because the leaves can dump fast. This was on October 26 so many of the reds were gone. Mostly oranges and yellows were left.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Homeschool Hikers Trout Lily Trail

Today we had a small group but we still had a great time. The Trout Lily Trail is a lovely 2 mile loop that loops down around the lake. It is considered moderate to difficult. (I have to say after the Quarry at Ijams, this was a piece of cake!)



Lovely Lake views along the trail. IMG_1364IMG_1352

Beautiful woods and fall colors.


Max Patch at Harmon Den Hike


We arrived around 10 am. It was very cloudy on the patch. View was very limited.



We hiked about 4 miles of the Appalacian Trail




Some of the trees were so thick in areas it almost looked like we were walking under tunnels.



after the trail we went Up, up, up to the top of the patch.


It was so pretty here. A camera with panoramic view would be nice. Maybe the new iphone 5 if I had it.


picnic on top of the patch.




Had a great time, we can’t wait to go back.

Martin Station

 am a little behind on posint. Last Friday we went to Martin Station for history field trip. They had characters in dress and we toured the fort, learned about canons, muskets, and how things were done in the late 1700's.
This place is so lovely. It is nestled at the edge of the beautiful Cumberland Mountains.

Musket fire.

What a soldier would carry in his pack in the late 1700's.

Inside the fort.
View from outside the fort.

A Blacksmith talking about his life and work.

We learned about grapeshot and other types of balls etc. that went into canons.

We watched the canon fire.
Talking with a soldier.
Learning about skinning hikes. This was a deer.
Learning about spinning yarn.
Candeling the whys and hows.

Chopping wood the old fashioned way.


A typical boy in period dress.

The Cherokee Indians. We learned alot here and had fun dancing and singing with him.
I have many many more pics. But blogger is taking forever to upload them today. So
I may add more later.