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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Owl Hat

The Hoot Owl Hat
I have learned to crochet hats using several different patterns, and videos.
This one was actually a combination of a few patterns but so easy. I really love the square look at the top-as compared to the very rounded tops. It is also very easy to make as long as you figure the circumference of the head you want it to fit.
For this hat I determined how many inches I wanted it to be around.
I stopped when I reached that measurement on the foundation chain. I think this one was around 20".
I then connected the last chain to the first chain with a slip stitch and worked in the round. (So I started building the hat from the bottom up. ) I find this easier to determine the final size. If you begin with crocheting the head portion first you have to really consider guage more. Using this method you do not have to work with guage, since you work with inches. Here is a video where I got the idea for this method. Emi begins the hat this way, and then does a fast decrease in chains at the top.
I chose to decrease much more slowly to make this hat. Since I wanted a square version. I just did a couple decreases in the top row to adjust for this. This hat will fit a 3-10 year old child. Actually probably even up to age 12. My 11 year old fits in it fine.
I also customized the eye brows. Looking at many pictures of eye brows on Etsy.
I keep an inspiration folder in my pictures gallery on my computer. So I can get inspiration for hats I want to make.
I have includeda link to this video from Emi showing the basics for this hat. As I said I worked the top differently, but you can make a cute chunky baby ear flap hat using her method, and then tweak from there to make the top different.