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Monday, January 21, 2013

Update Week 2 Second Semester

Last week I was sick, so the kids pretty much worked independently. I did manage to read aloud a little each day to them. (Even with a sore throat.) But I am back on my feet this week. 2 days this week we had to go into Knoxville for appointments, so that also took away from our regular studies. The kids just doubled up on their work on Monday and Wednesday.

This is our devotional for this semester. I really wanted to focus more on prayer. So I got this guide.


This is our History read aloud. We are learning about the San Francisco earthquake, and Azusa Street revival. We will continue our America Year 2 unit study. We are currently in the early 1900’s.


I am excited to begin Christian Kids Explore Biology today. This will be our science text this semester.

Christian Kids Explore Biology   -     <br />        By: Stephanie L. Redmond<br />    <br />

We are doing school 4 days a week. But using Fridays now for Test prep. I plan to have Lexi tested this year. I haven’t decided if I am going to get Peyton tested this year or not. He was tested last year, and did well.

Lexi is still taking Dance classes. We switched Dance companies this year. The new company is closer to our house, and offers a trio class (ballet, tap and Jazz) all back to back. So it is all in one day at one time. (Which is so great.) She is also participating in their dance team.