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Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 3 Update

This is an update on Week 3 of January and the 3rd week of the year. Since I start over my weekly count each semester.

The kids began their own history reading this week. (So mom gets a little break.) I am reading bits and pieces of different things in the time period. Early 1900’s and WW1.

Peyton is reading Rascal, and is enjoying it.


Lexi is reading.

All-Of-A-Kind Family (All-Of-A-Kind Family (Pb))

I am reading Prophet by Peretti.


I am almost done with it.

For science we learned about Creation vs Evolution, and the thoughts in how the world came to be.

We also studied plant and animal cells. One assignment I gave the kids was to make a model of a cell.


They did a great job, and explained what the parts where and what they did. I gave them an A+.

Today we focused a little on test prep and art.



Here is our art project. I got the idea from a blog I read today.Here is the tutorial.

The kids did well following her directions. But I had a hard time. So I had to color one circle at a time.

Optical Illusion Art


Above Peyton colors in the hand portions of each circle.IMG_1951

As does Lexi.


I colored the circles one at a time, and just switched colors when I got to the hand parts.


Lexi’s finished art below.


Peyton’s in progress.


His finished masterpiece.


In my spare time this week I made another sock monkey hat.

I call this one Valentine Eyes