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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prayer Tree and Update

As I mentioned in a previous post. This year we are reading through a family devotional called "Powerful Prayers for your Family."   
One thing we are doing is keeping up our small tree all year. In January we used snowflakes and blue lights. On snowflakes we wrote the names of people we were praying for.
For February we are doing a love theme.
We have hearts on the tree and are adding names as we pray for people.

Last week in Science we learned about Food Webs, we also reviewed Unit 1.
In History we learned about the History of the Automobile. The kids finished their books-living history books. Peyton read "Rascal", and Lexi read "All of a Kind of Family"
Peyton is working on his research report on Earthquakes. Last week he finished up taking notes on his source cards.