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Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 4 Update

Wow this month has flown by. We have really crazy weather here. We had several days of rain which caused some local flooding. Then the ice hit, which weighed down the trees. We lost one of our beautiful fir trees in the back. We also lost alot of cedar limbs too. Luckily no damage to our house.

The snow that followed the 4 days of rain, came hard and heavy. We also experienced lightning and thunder while it was snowing. Pretty wild.

This was my beautiful fir tree. Which is now lying flat on the ground with the roots exposed.

This is the day after the heavy snow.

The kids really enjoyed sledding.

They also enjoyed snowball fights.

Since then it got up to almost 70 one day and then within 48 hours the high was only 28.
For school last week we studied:
In Science: Classifying and Biomes (CKEB)
History WW1 and the kids are still reading their "living books".
Peyton is in the midst of writing a research report on Earthquakes. So he has made a Title Page, Outline, done note cards, and done the rough draft. This week he will work on finalizing it all.
Lexi is working on Essentials in Writing -on singular and plural possessives.
Next week we will break from this and work on some test prep type LA stuff, and reading comprehension.
Peyton finished Key to Percents book 1 scoring 92% on the final test.
So he will begin book 2 this week.
Lexi is still working on Key to Fractions and I am alternating some math review for her as well.
Last week she worked on positive and negative integers and subtraction,.