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Monday, August 12, 2013

Becoming a Bucket Filler!

This week we began our transition back into a "school" mindset. The kids did a math lesson today and we are also resuming our daily devotional time.

This is sort of our circle time. (Though my kids are bigger now, and we don't actually call it that.)

During this time we usually:
Sing a few songs worship songs-I play the guitar for the kids to sing along.
We read a devotional together and discuss it.
We pray for our needs and the needs of others.
We may do some writing activity. (Writing a bible verse, etc.)

So today's lesson was based on:

A book I acquired over the weekend-from a friend. It is called "How Full is Your Bucket?" You can get a look inside on Amazon.

After reading the first few pages which give the jest of the book. It spoke to me -so I knew I needed to share it with my kids.

So, I began with a bucket and a big ladle and placed it in the middle of the floor. (Not my actual bucket-but I liked it.) LOL

Then I used it to begin an object lesson. We discussed the Fill-osophy below. I demonstrated how we dip out and pour in depending upon how I interact with others.

 It is pretty natural to understand that negative words empty another's bucket-and positive words fill another up. (But there is another component to this-which is powerful. When we fill others-we in turn fill our own buckets!, and when we drain others-we drain ourselves. Powerful relationship building here! I told the kids I wanted them to take this visual and put in in their heads. I have another idea if we can't get that mental picture in our heads and into our hearts!
Other things to consider are: Who are we allowing near us with their dippers?
How do people feel when they are around me? Filled or depleted?