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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apologia General Science Adventures

Peyton is taking Apologia General Science this year. He is taking it through our local homeschool co-op. He attends once a week. During class time they generally do a lab. During the week he reads the chapter, works on the study guide, does other experiments they may not have time to get to in class.

This was his first experiment he had assigned. Now the experiment called for a 2 liter bottle. But since we don't drink sodas...We did not have a 2 liter bottle. So I used a 32 oz glass bottle. Which did not yield the exact same results.

The first step was to fill the bottle with cabbage juice, vinegar mixture. Then he was to place a balloon on the top of the bottle, the balloon has baking soda in it.
Then he is to (gently) lift the balloon. Which he did it un-gently.

I don't have the picture of the balloon filling, because it filled up with the vinegar cabbage juice mixture and then exploded all over the kitchen. You can see the balloon is no longer attached to the bottle.

Good thing he had on his safety glasses. The mixture got on his glasses, not in his eyes.
New Rule-All Science experiments will now be performed outside.