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Monday, September 23, 2013

Family Fun Day


This past Friday we decided to take a day and go have fun. Our first stop was in Sevierville, TN. at the Titanic Museum.


This was a really neat place. When you arrive, they give each person a boarding pass. The boarding pass has a name of a real passenger that was on the Titanic. The pass listed who they were, how old, what class they were in etc. Gary was a male crewmember. I was a female crew member-working the Turkish baths. Lexi was a 13 year old girl in 3rd class, and Peyton was a 8 year old boy in 2nd class. At the end of your tour you find out if your character lived or died. Amazingly, we all lived. Men were often needed to steer the boats, so the few that survived were rowing the boats for the women and children. You cannot take pictures inside the attraction, so this is all we have. You will have to go experience it yourself.


Our next stop was Gatlinburg, We went to Johnny Rockets. Now the last time I went to Johnny Rockets was in Nashville at Opry Mills Mall. I remember the burgers and shakes being delicious. Also the wait staff would sing and do a little dance number live for you.

Well things have changed. The burgers were pricey. $9.95 each. The shakes-over $5.00. But the sweet potato fries were great! Guess we will pass on this one next time. Of course there are many places to choose from in Gatlinburg.



Our last stop was at the Comedy Barn. Peyton loves comedy. He even says he wants to be a comedian when he grows up. It was a good show, very family friendly.




This place uses a lot of audience participation. So if you go, you might end up on stage.

Here is Lexi on stage. They called up all the kids age 11 and under.



The Ventrioquist and his talking dog. It was a real dog, but somehow they put a fake mouth on the dog so he could pull the string and make it seem like it was talking. The real funny part is that it is a real dog. So things like people standing up, etc. can distract the dog, he just works that into the comedy routine. Very funny!