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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seizing an Opportunity

We have been so busy over the past few months. I wanted to take time to share with everyone the great adventure we have been on since March. During the winter I began considering doing a little extra something to bring extra income in to our home. Something I could do that would not require a huge lifestyle change. Something that would allow us to continue homeschooling, and keep the family life that we feel is so important.  I had been praying and asking God to show me what to do.
On March 8th, I was searching online for people we had not seen in a while, and I ran across Jeremy Fouts. We knew Jeremy and his wife, Candice when we lived in Nashville. We had not seen them in 10 years. 10 years ago they left Nashville and moved to the Dallas area, and 8 years ago we moved to East Tn. We had not kept in contact with them. When I found Jeremy-I found this video.
I watched it, and then showed it to Gary. After Gary watched it, he said “Get a message to Jeremy that I want to talk to him. “We talked to Jeremy the next morning. We asked him about the timing of this company called Genesis Pure.  If the timing was still great to get started and do something special. He said "absolutely!" We saw that the products were making an amazing difference in the lives of our friends, Jeremy and Candace, and in the many others that gotten on these products.  He asked us where we were living now and we told him we were in the Knoxville area. He said he has a great couple to hook us up with. So he got us on the phone with Jamie and Liza Dewald. We met with them later that evening and  went over a game plan to get started.
We placed our order for the 1500 point package on Saturday. We knew this would allow us to get the products that would get our health on track, and also lock us in at the highest amount of compensation available as we work this part time business. We knew it was only a one time investment and we were getting great products in return.  On Sunday we began sharing this same opportunity with friends and family. 
Our 30 day goal was to make $2500.00. We sponsored 12 people our first week and actually made $2456.00 our first week.  We didn't understand the payout plan or even how to hit a level in this company. We were just excited about the opportunity we had and the products and wanted to help as many others as we could by sharing the same thing with them. Our first week we hit a level called Gold. Gold pays out on average $34,000 a year. Our 90 day goal was to make $6,000. 6 weeks in we hit another level called Platinum-which pays on average $60,000.  So we went well beyond our 2 initial goals!

We have now been involved with Genesis Pure for over 6 months and have over 150 people on our team. One of the most exciting things about this opportunity especially in this area- is that there is only 1 Diamond IBO east of the Mississippi, and there are only 4 Platinum directors (and that is the 2nd highest rank in IBO's east of the Mississippi.) And we happen to be one of them. In fact Jeremy shared the other day that he remembers when someone east of the Mississippi hitting Silver level was a big deal. Next year-there will be people breaking higher ranks and it won't be long before we have many other Platinum, Ruby, Diamond etc. because of the growth of this area.  We are in an amazing time and place for this opportunity. I know that God brought this to us for our health and for our finances, and for all those we lives we will help change along the way!

On the products I lost 8 pounds, 8 3/4 inches and have went from a 14 to a 10 on the 7 day detox. Gary has gotten great results and one of his favorite products is the Energy-which he takes every morning.  We are also teaching our children about health and nutrition and the importance of it. I also have more energy and know that I am doing something positively life changing every day when I use GP products to Cleanse, Balance and Build my body!

Our ultimate goal with Genesis Pure is to get healthier and stay healthier and to build a 6 figure residual income.  An income that would first pay for our own product use, and second bring in an income that would allow us to pay off debt and have money coming in on a weekly basis. An income that will allow us to send the kids to college without us or them having to incur debt.  We also want to help as many people as we can better their health and their financial situation. It has been an amazing God-sent opportunity for us!

Opportunity isn’t missed…It is just passed onto someone else. I’m not letting this one pass me by! 
If you want more info just leave a comment with a way to get  in contact with you.