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Monday, September 30, 2013

To Eat or Not to Eat-GMO? "My mom says my stomach will explode!"

My son came in the living room this morning and said "Hey Last night at Katlin's house, her mom made corn. But I told her we weren't allowed to have corn... because my mom says It will make my stomach explode."

Really? Are you kidding me? I could die in embarrassment!  So I again re-iterated our rule-that when you go to someone else's house, you eat what they offer you! Unless you have an actual allergy to a food. Now neither of my children have food allergies-so they can eat what they like. I do like them to make good choices on how much they eat. So on Sunday morning when they go to church-and there are donuts available. I tell my kids to have one, maybe 2. They are not to go in and gorge themselves on 6 donuts because they can and because they are free, and because, well-they never get them at home.

So now, I will be making a phone call today to our friend, (who so graciously offered to feed my children a home cooked meal at her house last night.) And today we will have a science lesson, and a general manners lesson. And we will learn how we handle and decipher some of this.

Just a note on why my son said "My mom thinks it will make my stomach explode." When I began researching GMO's foods, I came across yet another article that said GMO corn caused insects stomachs to explode. So I told the kids-since we were in the process of switching to non organic corn-that the other corn wasn't really good for them-according to what I am learning.


About 6 months ago I starting seeing facebook posts about GMO foods. So I began researching more about it. The words GMO are everywhere you look now. So I have been making changes in what our family buys as far as food products go. Now I have to say-that I am no expert. I haven't tested one rat of my own to know what is safe and what isn't. I don't trust the FDA, or any company or agency formed by our government. So just because the government says it is safe-doesn't make me think it is. It is hard to decipher all the different information out there. If you google GMO -you will see many articles saying GMO's are perfectly safe, and also many that say it isn't. So how do we get to the truth of it all?   I am just a wife and mother-trying to do the best she can -trying to make better choices today for our family as I learn these new things.

I went to Youtube to see what info there was on GMO. Just a simple search on "GMO" brings up more videos than I could possibly sit and watch in one week. (Who has this kind of time?)

Now 88% of our nations' corn crops are now GMO. (You can see this article here.) Canola oil is made from GMO products and Beets are GMO. Now this didn't mean much to me a year ago. Actually I didn't even know about the canola oil until I began this post today. I did find out about beets a month ago. Now we aren't people who really eat beets on a regular basis, so it wouldn't have mattered a few months ago. Then I found out the connection. Most granulated sugars are actually made from beets today-(not from pure cane sugar.)   I actuallymade the sugar switch a couple years ago and went to organic cane sugar. (Hoping that somehow this would be a better alternative.) Since we are going to bake and going to use sugar.

We don't own a farm, we don't have our own chickens that we raise to get eggs. We don't go out behind the house and kill and pluck our own chickens to provide dinner.  We don't raise our own beef which is fed non-organic corn. So I also made the switch to organic chicken breasts. Since they are hormone and antibiotic free. On the beef, I really don't know what I am eating. I get my meat at a local store that has it's own butcher shop. But not sure about the origin of the cow.  I buy organic corn because I can, and I pay 2 and 1/2 times more money for it. :(  So in my home the corn we eat and the chips we eat will be organic-non gmo, for the most part. It is hard to read over every ingredient in every cracker, etc. that I buy to try to make sure there isn't a trace of corn or some other GMO produced product in it.

So as I learn more-I try to make better decisions regarding the information I have. I cannot tell you I now eat everything organic. Heck I can't find everything organic. When I have a good option and it is affordable enough I weigh the options. I also have to say I cannot tell you how many articles I have read that say even organic labeled foods may not be organic or that healthy. But I can tell you that I am frustrated over it all!

Now our family doesn't eat out a lot, and we don't usually do fast food. We occasionally do Chick-Fil-A.  When we go out to eat-we eat what's on the menu. I don't know where you live, but where I live-there are no organic restaurants. So the food I am consuming, the chips and salsa I eat there most likely have GMO's.

So how do you decipher all this information? All the bad information. Do we just throw our hands up and say-"Well I could have a wreck today and die, so let's just eat, drink and be merry?" Or do we go to the other extreme? Where we no longer buy any processed foods, we eat no sugar. We check every source for every bit of food that enters our mouths? We don't eat out, because we can't trust the food or the source from which it came? Our kids go to friends' homes and then begin to tell their parents that they can only eat organic this and organic that. etc. (And those parents in turn think we are some kind of nuts!)   Really, why, with all there is to be concerned about in the world today, are we having to worry about -if we are being slowly poisoned by our food?

Really I would love some thoughts here-how do you handle all this? Do you never eat GMO foods? Do you eat them anyway in moderation? Are you trying to make small changes over time? What do you do when you eat out?