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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cell Water, Alkaline Water-Balancing the Body

Cell water is another great product from Genesis Pure.  From my understanding of what this product does...It hydrates and oxygenates your body at a cellular level. It has minerals and when you add a few drops to your water it allows those minerals to get into your body and into your cells.  Now I actually take this product in conjunction with the Alkaline water.
Alkaline water helps your body ph levels balance easier. A normal healthy body will try to keep your ph within certain parameters. An unhealthy body will be overly acidic. In order for your body to balance your body -minerals will be taken from various parts of the body to keep your ph balanced. I really didn't understand all this. So I went on youtube to find a video to explain the whole concept of it to me. Here is what I can say about this product, and what it has done for me. (Now there are some disagreements about whether taking products to help alkalize the body or if eating a more alkaline diet is better.) But here is what I will tell you, the most healthy people I know tend to eat more alkaline diets, and use alkaline water. So I decided to give it a try. Here is what I noticed when I combined the cell water and Ph water. I use the cell water once a day. First I fill my water bottle with filtered fridge water, then I spritz about 4 times into the cup since it holds about 20 oz. I add 2/3 a dropper full of the cell water to my bottle once a day. I feel more hydrated throughout the day. I also feel more energized-just overall -not like a burst of energy or anything.
My husband takes the cell water religiously every day and he no longer wakes up with muscle cramps in his legs in the middle of the night. He fishes a lot, and when he fishes he tries to remain hydrated, he is also on his feet all day. So when he would get home and go to bed he would often wake up with bad Charlie horses in his calves. I had researched many times trying to find something that would work to help him. I heard bananas would help, so he would come home and eat a banana, he also tried adding potassium supplements, but neither worked for him. One time in desperation he actually tried apple cider vinegar straight up. (Don't do that at home.) Poor guy-He said it burned his throat and he still had the cramps. But once he began the cell water-those cramps became a thing of the past. He knows for sure it was the cell water-because one night he came in and forgot to take it and had the cramps again. So now he NEVER forgets to take it. Just one dropper full of the cell water with the alkaline water. He uses the alkaline water throughout the day, and I usually do too, but he adds in the cell water just once a day. Great products for great LIFE CHANGING results. I am so glad that he found this product, and now sleeps through the night cramp free!
Disclaimer-I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor, just sharing what these products have done for us. For more information on Ph in the body you can visit.
PH and Cancer -This Dr. actually received a Nobel Prize for his research on cancer prevention.