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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Filling the Nutritional Gaps-Daily Build

A couple weeks ago I blogged about a new company I have become involved with. You can read more about that here.  I blogged about how I found Genesis Pure and the opportunity I saw with this company and these products. I was actually involved with another nutritional company at the time and enjoyed their products for 10 years, I did well with the business end-according to what I wanted. I was able to earn over $250,000 with that company during those years.  After seeing the presentation about Genesis Pure, learning about Dr. Lindsay, the products, the opportunity and especially the timing, I decided to resign from the other company and come on board with GP.  There were several reasons I did this-and I will post about that on another day.

Genesis Pure  makes high quality nutritional/health products. These products were formulated in a clinic. One of the things that really sets Genesis Pure apart from other companies is the fact that our founder Dr. Lindsay used these products and formulations with his patients in a clinic for many years. So he has documented over the years how they worked for various clients he had. His clients were among many Hollywood stars-Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore, also major athletes like Reggie Bush and Tony Dorsett. He has been called into the White House to work with past presidents. His waiting list was 18 months just to get in and see him.  Dr. Lindsay wanted to make these products available to the public-to be able to touch many more lives with these products that supply the nutrients to the body so it can begin to heal itself.  So he shut down his clinic and went to work to make these products available to everyone!

When most companies decide to made a business. They get a marketing group together and get someone to make products for them. But Dr. Lindsay did it different. The products were already being used, he just made them available to more people using Network Marketing as the way to reac people-word of mouth. I love that-and I love that he invests right back into the people that are out there sharing these products every day. Instead of marketing products and putting them in a big company and trading the stocks on the market-the share holders are those who decide to get involved in the business side of GP and earn income.

What I really wanted to share today was a few of the products that I take, and the benefits I have seen from them. Many people ask me what my favorite product is...Well that is like asking me what my favorite food is because I would never want to be limited to just one.

If I had to choose one product that I just could not live without -for me it would the Daily Build.
The name speaks for the product. This product is designed to build the body up with the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. It helps fill in the nutritional gaps-that we don't get through our diets today.

It comes in a bottle or in to go packs. This product is a liquid vitamin, so it gets assimilated into the body within 15 minutes.  It has over 290 vitamins and minerals and 7 super fruits. After a few days of taking this product, I could really tell a difference. My hair is stronger, my nails grow better, and I feel better. ( Prior to this I was taking vitamins in pill form from another company).

As an IBO (Independent Business Owner) with GP, I get a discount on all the products I take. I also earn free product points every month because I voluntarily participate in their auto-ship rewards program. (Which allows me to earn 20% more in free products.) So if you are looking for good quality nutritional products send me an email I would be happy to get you more information on how you can get your own discount on these great products.