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Monday, October 14, 2013

Goyin -For Daily Balance

In my last post about Genesis Pure, I talked about the Daily Build and the benefits. So you can read that here if you missed it. It is part of the Core system.  I also previously talked about our journey with Genesis Pure and how the products and opportunity have really changed our lives, I can honestly say that I believe that many times God wants to really pour out something special on people, but maybe they really aren't open to how God might show up. So we have to learn to be like the clay-pliable in God's hands and ready when he comes with an answer to prayer that seems different to us.  Thank God we were open to this opportunity and how God brought it to us.  I can tell you that I wasn't actually looking for nutritional products-when I found GP.  I had been praying for an opportunity-I really expected to come in a different way-getting involved in a business with nutritional products never entered my mind.

God has a way of showing up unexpectedly in unforeseen ways. After seeing the presentation- I knew it was an answer to many prayers I had been praying.

The Goyin is the 2nd product in our Core system. Part of the Philosophy of the Cleanse, Balance Build. Which sets GP apart from other companies.

Goyin is a unique formulation of fruits and it come from ancient Chinese Medicine. Go means "Abundant" and Yin means "health".
GoYin contains a proprietary blend of 20 warm and cool superfruits, herbs and other fruits each of which have numerous benefits on their own. In combination, the GoYin formula is unmatched in its ability to induce systemic whole-body balance, which translates into optimal physical and mental function. GoYin addresses all areas of a problem, not just a specific aspect of a disease, as it brings the body into balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself and function at its peak levels, just as nature intended.
Key Benefits
Supports healthy energy
Enhances mood
Provides antioxidant power
Supports a balanced body
Increases vigor
Reduces tension, depression, and fatigue
Here is a great video to find out more about it.