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Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's all in the mindset.

Have you ever had something in your mind, and then realized at the last minute-what was in your mind was all wrong? That happened to me this week. I have been very busy over the past few days. We had a field trip that was planned. Well the date got changed, and then it got changed again, but It finally got finalized and set. It was in my calendar correctly. The event was clearly set on Facebook.

But I was busy dealing with my own stuff. I had to deal with the cancellation of a field trip I was organizing, also a Ladies event at our church, along with just juggling our normal family life, routine, dentist appointments and homeschooling.

I happen to be one of those people that sets priorities on when to deal with a matter. So as the week progressed I tackled one event at a time. I got my event cancelled and the people notified. I dealt with the kids, helping them meet deadlines on assignments.  I briefly saw a message about the upcoming Field Trip for today. In fact I even got an email and sent it to my printer. My daughter brought the papers up last night. (I again just glanced at them.)  But I thought-OK that is Friday, So I will deal with that on Thursday. Since I already have stuff to deal with about Thursday. Well guess what-the field trip was for Thursday not Friday. So waiting to deal with it, made us miss out.  Or maybe it  didn't. Maybe it was supposed to happen. I really don't know. I have to say that some good things actually came from us missing the trip today. I did get to spend some extra time studying God's word and learning about how he speaks to us today. I am not worn out, and I have a ladies event tonight.  So I should be ready for it.  The kids weren't terribly distraught either. So maybe we can hit that event next year.

But I wonder, how many times do we miss out on something God has for us, because we have a wrong mindset or we are not open to God. We have preconceived ideas, or maybe we put God in a box on how He will or can work.  Many times in the past I expected God to answer in a different way than he did. And when he answered I was blown away at the way he decided to come through. Other times perhaps God wants us to change course, but we have our mindset-and we are stuck on doing it a certain way, when God has a better way.