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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Plan B-Trifle

Sometimes the best made plans go wrong. That is what happened to me on Friday. Once a month we have a ladies craft fellowship. We all bring a dish or dessert to share. Well I had found this fabulous recipe I was so excited to try.
When I went to take the cake out. I used a knife to loosen the edges around the outside, and forgot about the inside. (It had been a while since I had used a bundt pan.)
So the result of the flip was a broken cake and half of it was still stuck in the pan.
Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out. But a thought occurred to me....I had made trifles before-so I could just use the cake and add some pudding and whipped cream. So I rummaged through my pantry for something that might go with Butter pecan. I found some Pumpkin Spice Instant Pudding Mix and decided that would be the filling.
So I added 2, 4 oz. packets of the Pumpkin Spice pudding mix and 3 cups of almond milk. (Since the kids drink our whole milk-and I didn't want to use up their milk for the next morning.) Then I added 2 cups of whipped cream to the mixture. I layered cake crumbs, pudding mixture, cake crumbs, pudding mixture, cake crumbs and then just plain whipped cream as a topper. (Since I was out of the pudding.) I badly wanted to add heath toffee bits to the top-but I was out. So I used cinnamon chips instead.
Everyone said "it was great", even non trifle likers, liked this version. So Plan B didn't turn out so bad. But I still missed out on Plan A. I have to say that what was in my mind was a nice dessert, and not quite so sweet. While this trifle was yummy, it was very sweet, and I couldn't really eat much of it at all. (I must be losing my sweet tooth, so maybe that is a good thing.)
It really got me to thinking though about God and his plans for us. His plan is Plan A-it is always the best plan. It is the plan that we walk in His light, with His guidance, in obedience. It is his best for us. But so often, we turn to our own way, walking in darkness, choosing our way and not God's way, and we don't seek Him as we should. God is a good God and full of grace. When we cry out-he will return to us-and get us back on the right path. But we have to realize that while God will restore us-we still missed out on a part of the path of plan A. Think of the children in the wilderness. God had a great plan. A plan to free them and take them to the promised land. (He even told them that.) Right after they left Egypt they began to revert to their old non-believing ways. They decided to turn to plan B. (Mumbling, groaning, complaining and unbelief.) God had a straight way planned for them -Plan A. But they chose Plan B. Plan B led them in circles in the wilderness for many years. In the end it turned out okay for the next generation-they finally got to their destination. (But some missed out all together.)
The trifle above is a trifle matter in life. So the cake didn't make, it. I took what I had and I worked with it, and made something else out of it, and it was enjoyed. God can do the same thing with our lives. So, today if your life is topsy turvy-maybe you have allowed yourself to drift from God's plan A, and you find yourself on plan B, cry out to God for mercy, and clarity-and ask him to re-establish your footsteps. We don't have to miss out on the great things God has for us!