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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

52 Week Food Exchage-Small Steps

I read something earlier this year. The article stated that by making small changes every week you can really do things to benefit you and your family. The article mentioned to replace one unhealthy food with a healthier version each week. At the end of 52 weeks you will have made 52 better choices toward your health. So I began to make small changes.

Then I joined Genesis Pure, and began to Cleanse, Balance and Build my body. Cleansing to eradicate toxins, Balancing my body's ph, hormones, etc. and building my body up with better nutrients that give my body what it needs to begin to heal from the damage over the years-that I have done to it from poor nutritional habits. Building it to perform better, and so I can feel better each day, having more energy, and vitality.

So here are the changes I have made over the past few weeks.
I stopped buying foods with HFCS. I eradicated these products from our home. I have to admit that there was whining in the house, when the Sweet Baby Rays hit the trash can. (Maybe they will come out with a non-HFCS version.)

(My trash can, 1/2 full bottle of Sweet Baby Rays, 2/3 full bottle of Heinze 57 and full bottle of Hunts no preservative Ketchup.)
I won't be a sheep...I will make a change!
Another change I have made....No more corn products unless they are organic. So we have changed chips, and frozen corn. I buy in bulk from Azure Standard and get 5 pound bags now. I also changed to stone ground organic corn tortillas-but no one in the family likes them so I guess we will be eating a lot less taco in the future as well.