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Monday, November 4, 2013

Your Health -Worth The Investment

Years ago, my husband and I began to make dietary changes. We began to use supplements to help our bodies get the nutrients it needs and is not able to get through our American Diet. This past March I got involved with a new company that is radically changing lives across America. I am so inspired by the founder of this company, Dr. Lindsay Duncan.

This past weekend I went to my 2nd large event in Dallas Texas. It was the 2nd time I had the privilege to hear him speak. I can tell you it was life changing. He knows more about the human body and what it needs than any other person in the world. He spoke about toxins in the air, in the soil and in our foods.  He shared his heart on how the typical American diet is killing us, causing cancer, and other illness. He talked about not having to get sick.

The average American spends more on their car payment per month than they do on taking care of their health. The car will be old in ten years and we will need a new one. We only get one body-and we cannot get a new one. How we treat this one matters. What we chose to do each day, what we chose to eat, if we chose to be physically active etc. all matter. We can pay the price today, by investing in better quality foods, in supplements, and in a good strategy or we better start saving our money so we can pay for our impending future illness.