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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bible Study-Discerning the Voice of God

Today was the last session of our Women's Bible Study. I have to say I have really enjoyed these last 7 weeks. They have been insightful and challenging.  This is the one we just finished.

This was actually my first experience with a Priscilla Shirer bible study and I can't wait to do our next one. I wish I could say that now that I have went through this study I feel competent and think I have mastered this subject. Instead, this is something that comes as we build a relationship with Christ. Some of the things I have learned in this study is that we need to come expecting to hear from God. Another thing that was brought up in session 6 was that we have a hard time hearing from God when we have our own personal agenda and also if we are unwilling to truly surrender to God. I  have to admit there are so many times I think I am surrendered, but then realize there are many things in the comfort of my life that I hold on to. God is okay with us having things, as long as things don't have us. So I seek to become more pliable in the hands of the father.

Just a few things about this study in case you are considering it. It is 6 sessions that are about 30 minutes each as far as the video goes. The 7th session is a follow up. wrap it up type study. (only 5 minutes.)  The homework is really short. 15 minutes or less is all that is required. This was one of the rare studies though-that I really went into every day looking forward to learning more. It never seemed burdensome as some other studies have left me feeling burdened and guilty about not being able to complete the work. (I know that isn't God's desire.)  Learning to quiet myself to listen. Pressing in to try to discover more about God, about his will in me and through me and for me. Our next study begins in January and this is the one we have chosen. I can't wait!