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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chaos Control

I just wanted to share an easy tip on organizing all those bills, receipts etc. I know at my house, bills come in fast. All those Walmart and other store receipts end up in my wallet and overflowing in my purse. Then I can't seem to shuffle through and find them. So I bought one of these to help organize the chaos.  You can get them at Dollar General for $2.00.
The inside has pockets for every month. So when you go try to compare last month's water bill with this months. You can easily find it. You can also list all the expenses. (I never do that though, since I am lucky that I just get to spend and don't have to keep the budget.) Yeah! Less stress!
I also have another one I bought so that I can keep other items at hand. I used to do this in a file cabinet but it is already full. And this I can easily keep in a kitchen drawer. I use it for other things I want to keep track of.
 I changed the headings on the pockets and use it for other things -receipts I might need to keep long term. Electronic items-TV, camera, Ipad, etc. I have one for Home repairs, auto repairs, warranty info on items we buy, landscaping, clothing purchases, sporting goods, etc. (Happy to say I spent no money this year on sporting goods.) I am sure those receipts are all in my husbands possession somewhere.