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Monday, May 13, 2013


The days have been moving fast and we have stayed busy. In our homeschool we have finished up WWII. We watched the Diary of Anne Frank the other day. The kids will finish up their work this week, and we will begin our summer break.

Next semester we will attend a co-op, all the kids classes will be through the co-op. So the only curriculum I will be buying is for Lexi for Math. I am really excited about it, and I know it will give the kids a good opportunity to being learning how to do work for others, instead of just mom.

Peyton will be taking:
Apologia General Science
Language Arts/Creative Writing
World History-Abeka

He will attend 1 hour classes in each subject, be given homework by the teacher, return to class with it completed, have quizzes and also get as grade for each class.

Lexi will be taking these classes:
Language Arts
US History
Study Hall
Hands On Science

Our grandson Kylan, and his parents, Jessica and Kyle will be coming out for a visit in June, we are looking forward to it.

We recently thought Peyton was going to be allowed to play football with the local school district, but the district informed us they were not going to allow it. From what I understand the law changes on July 3, but I still don't see the political climate being good. He was heartbroken to learn he wasn't going to get the opportunity.