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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BasketBall Season

Peyton is playing basketball this fall. They opened a local league for homeschool kids. Peyton was really upset that the local school would not allow him to play football this year, so this was a nice compromise.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Counter Make Over

I decided I wanted a counter make over. Granite really appeals to me, but of course I didn’t want to fork out $4-$5k Right now for them.

A friend did this to hers when she moved into a new house. So I got inspired to give it a go.

Now just a disclaimer here depending upon how well you paint….They do look like granite especially from a distance. But they do not feel like granite, and when you get close to them-the common person could tell that they are really painted. However, I still like them much better than my old ugly plain laminate counters. I really love the high gloss shine on them too.

My bathroom vanity taped off and ready to be primed.


After the primer dried, I sponged on one color. (I used acrylic paint from Walmart.) I chose various shades of brown, black, and kahki, and a beachcomber color.) For the first sponging I used one color of brown.


Kind of hard to tell here, but I added a second color of brown over the last color, to give a varying degree of color and depth.IMG_0004

Here you can see the top is completely covered and some black has been added.


As you can see here I added in some vein lines as well. I used the edge of a sponge and used the beachcomber beige for that. Then after 2 coats of poly this is the result.IMG_0018

I took a close up here so you could see the effect.



My kitchen counters before.


Counters with primer and one color sponged on. Looking pretty bad right now.


More colors sponged over.


Just play with colors till it looks the way you want. (Oh I also got a few swatches of examples from Lowes-so I had a guide sort of what I wanted it to look like. IMG_0008

With poly added. IMG_0010

The final result. I love them!


Sort of hard to see, but the window sill had a marble piece under it. But it was grey and white and I wanted it to match, so I painted it too!



Love that high gloss shine and reflection from the light now.IMG_0016IMG_0017

Now I just wish I could get a quick, easy, inexpensive fix for those cabinet doors. (But they are easy to clean.) I am just not into a “modern” look.

No matter what I think it is an improvement.