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Friday, August 30, 2013

Cancer-Finding the Cure!

3 years ago my precious little nephew Keegan was diagnosed with Leukemia. (Which is a blood cancer.)  He began chemotherapy-he went into remission soon, and has been on maintenance chemo since then. I have watched my brother and his wife, (Shawna) and their other children as they have had to learn to deal with Cancer and a new life. 

In that, they have also had to learn how to deal with Chemo treatments. Chemotherapy being the treatment used-destroys the bad cancer cells. But in turn it also destroys good cells our body needs to function, thus causing terrible side affects, sickness and wrecking havoc on our immune systems. I can only imagine the frustration of going through chemo, the only thing worse-possibly is watching someone you love go through it, and you are helpless to do anything but watch.


Last Sunday we received news that my Mother In Law, (Age 72) has aggressive Stage IV bladder cancer. The plan-aggressive chemotherapy –hoping it would be effective enough to slow down the aggression of the cancer. Even with aggressive chemo-the survival chance is about 30%.  My Sister In Law has been in Houston at MD Anderson this week trying to help care for her. Right now the plan is to monitor how effective the chemo is working, and continue it every 2 weeks.


3 years ago I had 2 friends diagnosed with stage IV cancer around the same time. One decided against chemo, the other one decided to go the chemo route, and she also tried other natural things as well. My friend that chose the natural route-was given a shorter expectation to live. She actually lived longer-and was not nearly as sick. They both have passed on now.

Because of this I began to search the internet for other cases. I am not making any claims. I am not saying that chemo isn’t the answer. (I don’t know what the answer is.) Who are we to trust? Doctors are medical professionals after all. All I can say is that in my experience-I have little faith in doctors, and only in emergency care type situations, not in long term health care. I do believe that God designed our bodies to be able to heal themselves, if they can get the right nutrients. (The problem is getting what we need so our bodies can heal themselves.) This shouldn’t be so hard.

Right now I am just listing websites that I find very interesting-people who were diagnosed with cancer at very late stages and have beat it-naturally….Without chemo.

I plan to read over, listen to and search these sites and others for information. If you have info-or were cured of cancer naturally-I would love to hear your story.

Suzanne Somers Story


website-Dr. Simoncini

Salvestrol clinical studies

Info website

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Organizing and Planning

Time to get organized. The kids began a new school year, with new classes, curriculum, grades and attendance, field trips, and activities to keep up with. So I decided to make a mom planner.

Just a 3 ring binder with some stickers to embellish it.

Inside I have tabs for each child.

Under this tab is a list of their curriculum, classes, grades, projects etc.

Then I have another tab with their extra-curricular activity calendars.

And another tab for my extracurricular activities, etc.

This is my new day-minder. It has a family planner inside-through December 2014.

I embellished it on the outside as well.

I really like the inside pages. This is the week spread.

There is a place to list each family member and what they have scheduled that day.

A weekly menu plan, weekly goals, errands, to do, etc.

It will be really great for trying to keep track of personal, family, homeschooling schedule and business goals and appointments all in one place.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Becoming a Bucket Filler!

This week we began our transition back into a "school" mindset. The kids did a math lesson today and we are also resuming our daily devotional time.

This is sort of our circle time. (Though my kids are bigger now, and we don't actually call it that.)

During this time we usually:
Sing a few songs worship songs-I play the guitar for the kids to sing along.
We read a devotional together and discuss it.
We pray for our needs and the needs of others.
We may do some writing activity. (Writing a bible verse, etc.)

So today's lesson was based on:

A book I acquired over the weekend-from a friend. It is called "How Full is Your Bucket?" You can get a look inside on Amazon.

After reading the first few pages which give the jest of the book. It spoke to me -so I knew I needed to share it with my kids.

So, I began with a bucket and a big ladle and placed it in the middle of the floor. (Not my actual bucket-but I liked it.) LOL

Then I used it to begin an object lesson. We discussed the Fill-osophy below. I demonstrated how we dip out and pour in depending upon how I interact with others.

 It is pretty natural to understand that negative words empty another's bucket-and positive words fill another up. (But there is another component to this-which is powerful. When we fill others-we in turn fill our own buckets!, and when we drain others-we drain ourselves. Powerful relationship building here! I told the kids I wanted them to take this visual and put in in their heads. I have another idea if we can't get that mental picture in our heads and into our hearts!
Other things to consider are: Who are we allowing near us with their dippers?
How do people feel when they are around me? Filled or depleted?

Friday, August 9, 2013

A New Grandbaby on the way!



We are excited about the good news!  Kylan, Kyle and Jessica will be coming for a visit to Tennessee at the end of August!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer to School Transitioning

Our local public schools started back today. We were planning a day out at Dollywood. But rain was in the forecast. (So we will do that next week.)

We still have a few weeks until our homeschool co-op begins. So I decided to start slowly transitioning the kids back into a school work mentality.This week we began our transitional assignments.

M-W-F they do a math lesson, and T and Th they do a writing assignment. (It only takes them 15-30 minutes a day.) But I want them to start with a little review. Peyton is doing a Pre-Algebra book and Lexi has begun Epsilon.

They will both get some assignments from Co-Op. (Some will be given on orientation day, some may not be assigned until the first day of class.)

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