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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 A Year of Grace, Growth and Generosity


A Year of Grace -The first day of 2014 we spent traveling home from Texas. We were in the Dallas area, when Gary noticed a cop car pulling him over. The officer informed him that he was speeding. The speed limit was 65 and he was doing 75. The officer issued a “Warning”. I have to say we were pretty blown away over that. He could have issued us a ticket, but he extended grace to us. We were so thankful. I believe that GRACE is a word God has given us for this year. This will be a year of favor, of God’s unmerited favor over our lives. The more grace we are given, the more we in turn learn to extend it. So I also hope to become a grace giver.

A Year of Growth-I expect it to be a year of personal and spiritual growth. The first bible study I will be part of this year is “Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted.” I expect God to reveal many things to me this year, and also pray to become changed in my attitudes. There are several areas here that I want to work on, or should I say I want God to help me work on. These are just a few things, but really the top things I want to focus on.

  • Relationships- I want to relationships to become a bigger priority to me this year. Maintaining them and making new ones. I really think that my time on facebook limits this some. I believe that facebook can “fake us out”, into thinking we are maintaining a relationship that we are actually neglecting. One thing I didn’t do this year, was stop to have people over for dinner, games, etc. This year I want to make sure I don’t get to busy to invite friends over, pick up the phone from time to time and also to send out some personal notes.
  • To Become more Graceful-and in the process to extend grace. . I want to become less judgemental, and I think extending grace can help in this endeavor. I need to look beyond a person’s actions, and the motives I think may move them, and see the best in people. I want to believe in people. I have to say that over the past several years I have really lost my faith in people in general. So many people have used me, they have told me they would do something, and not done it. So I just stopped trusting people.
  • To Listen and Observe better- I want to learn to listen better and become more observant of those around me.

A year of  Generosity- I want this year to be a generous year. I believe the Lord has been generous to us, and will be even more generous this year, and so I want to also become more generous. Giving of my time, my energy and my resources to advance the kingdom of God.