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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Genesis PURE™ Essential Oils Kit-Just in Time for Mother's Day

 Last year I spent a lot of time looking into and researching various essential oils. I had such a hard time figuring out which ones to get. The problem? There isn't a standard in the USA for essential oils Well that is UNTIL NOW.   Genesis Pure Essential Oils are the ONLY USDA Organic Certified Essential Oils on the market! Dr. Lindsay is very careful to make sure these are the highest quality oils available today, he went through all the processes to make sure that every process from the soil to the bottle is absolutely perfect every time.

Here is an amazing essential oils kit that would make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Essential oils are incredible natural oils that you can use for so many different things. These oils are therapeutic and food grade. You can drink them, cook with them, use them topically and even clean with them. You can use them to make natural sunscreens, use them instead of perfume, for healing, as an insect repellent. As we have begun using essential oils, I now buy much less OTC medicines, and also less cleaning supplies, which makes life much more natural and we are cutting out the amount of toxins in our lives.

The kit comes with all 7 oils (each 15ml) pictured above. You can also become an IBO for $39.00 and obtain these oils and all other Genesis Pure nutritional products at a 25% discount. Even above that we also have a Preffered Autoship Rewards Program-so if you choose to get on auto-ship you get 20% back in free product. You can change what you purchase each month, there is no monthly $$ requirement. The IBO price for this kit is $129.95

It is actually cheaper to become an IBO and get the kit, then you can buy all your other oils at the 25% discount. (There is no requirement to sell). Genesis Pure also has many other incredible life changing nutritional products.  If you are interested in earning income Genesis Pure is a great company to become part of.

You can purchase them here. Use Rep # US10970696    If you want more information or clarification please contact me or leave a comment and a way for me to get back to you.  

I also wanted to include this video which goes into much more detail about the use of each of these oils.

Lavender Oil- Deeply breathe in the relaxing, herbal aroma of Genesis PURE™ Lavender. This highly soothing scent helps both the mind and body. It may help ease occasional stress and tension. Does not contain any fillers or carriers.  (I love using this at night before bedtime. I also use it in a home made hand sanitizer.)

Lemon Essential Oil-Envelop your body in the strong, citrus scent of Genesis PURE™ Lemon. This vibrant aroma may invigorate your senses. Does not contain any fillers or carriers. (This is also great to add to your water daily to help detoxify the liver. It is also great for general household cleaning.)

Peppermint Oil -Invigorate your body with the refreshing and cooling scent of Genesis PURE™ Peppermint. Peppermint essential oil has been traditionally used to promote alertness and stimulate the senses. Does not contain any fillers or carriers.  (I love using this on the back of my neck, I feel re-energized. It is also great for freshening breath.)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil   Breathe easier with Genesis PURE™ Eucalyptus. Traditionally used to help support respiratory health, this cooling scent may provide feelings of well-being during times of distress and discomfort. Does not contain any fillers or carriers. (I love this at night, you can rub it on your feet, chest etc. to make it easier to breath, you can use it in a diffuser, or just tape a cotton ball with a few drops on it and put It on a fan in your room.)

Grapefruit Essential Oil-Experience the energizing effects of Genesis PURE™ Grapefruit. This invigorating, fresh scent is often used to enliven both body and mind. Does not contain any fillers or carriers. (This can be added to your water each day to help with weight loss.) Also Grapefruit oil and Eucalyptus oil can be used together for Cellulite.

Bergamot Essential Oil Grant your senses a calming escape with the sweet scent of Genesis PURE™ Bergamot. Traditionally used to help ease the mind, the light orange peel, floral fragrance creates a delightful aroma. Does not contain any fillers or carriers.

Orange Essential Oil-Both refreshing and calming, Genesis PURE™ Orange may ease your mind and help you unwind. This lovely citrus aroma is commonly used in aromatherapy to provide a welcome release from everyday stressors. Does not contain any fillers or carriers.