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Monday, June 30, 2014

June Highlights 2014

Here are some highlights we have enjoyed so far this summer -through the month of June. We have about 40 days left before we officially start back on our normal "homeschool schedule". Right now we are still doing Math and Grammar 2-3 days a week. When we don't have activities planned that take us away.

Early in June we traveled to Texas. (Where my husband and I are from). We gave a life celebration party for his mother. She turned 75 this year. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year. She was a real trooper going through chemo, and through bladder removal, and was deemed cancer free early this year. Then in March we got word that the cancer has returned to her lung. There is no feasible medical option for her at this time.

Here is the kids with Granny.
Peyton with his 2nd cousin, Tyler.

Gary with granddaughter, Khloe.

Lexi with my mom.
One thing great is that almost all our family lives in the same are in Texas.
So we usually get to see them all at the same time when we do go visit.
Fun with friends on the lake.

Fishing Fun

Jump Jam with friends.

Daily Walks around the lake and park.

Girls night out with friends.
We went to eat at Jersey Girl Diner and then to see Maleficent.
A drive through the clouds to Kentucky Splash Waterpark with friends.

The best thing about blogging this, is later I can remind the kids of all the fun things we did during the summer. They tend to have short memories of our activities, and say "we never go anywhere." LOL A picture is worth a thousand words.
The past month has went by fast and I think July will fly by too.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why I Made the Switch to Genesis Pure

Why I made the switch from Advocare to Genesis Pure.

 I was a distributor and product user with Advocare for 16 years. Our family took the products and enjoyed them. Spark was a staple in our home for 16 years.  I resigned from my position in Advocare and gave up the business and monthly income I had built over 16 years. Why?

Last year-I found out about another company called Genesis Pure and made the switch. I saw an incredible difference -I saw what made Genesis Pure superior and a much better alternative for my family. I saw better products, and a better financial opportunity. Why would I knowingly continue to take products that were inferior? Why would I continue to invest time and energy in something-if there were a better opportunity?

The first thing that caught my attention was ORGANIC. This was something I had been learning about and trying to switch my family to as much as possible.

#1- I saw that Genesis Pure offers a better variety of  products, with an added bonus that they are all ORGANIC. (Something I did not have access to with Advocare.) There are no fake sugars like Sucralose-something I was already trying to avoid.  They also come in liquid form when possible. (Which aides in assimilation). What shocked me the most was that I would even save money with Genesis Pure. Many products allow me to buy 1 product instead of 2 products and get even better results. So saving money was a great benefit!  I also saw and understood the core philosophy, of Cleanse, Balance and Build. These are the three things that we can do to our bodies to change our health. All of the products achieve 1 or more of these goals.

#2 - I also saw a better financial opportunity and pay structure. Making some extra money every month was a great added benefit.  I saw a plan that would give me a better return for a part time income and would help me offset or cover the cost of my own products.

We have been on Genesis Pure products for over a year now, and I can tell an amazing difference.
My absolute favorite product which I will never be without is Energy.  Another great thing is that this product actually replaces 2 of Advocare's products. So before we were buying Spark and Catalyst. (The added amino acids are already in Energy-no need to buy a second product.)

Don't let the name fool you, this isn't energy like 5 hour energy. This is energy-like adrenal food/fuel. What this product does in the body is absolutely phenomenal. This product should be in every person's body-if you want to feel better.

I was experiencing all kind of hormonal problems, my moods were up and down, I didn't sleep well, I had even more trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I felt tired all the time, even after 10 hours of sleep. My cycles were wacked out. One week after starting Energy, all that changed.

The first thing I noticed was that I felt great throughout the day. Not hyper-but just a get it done feeling. My mood was more positive, I was more focused.  I take it first thing when I wake up. After 3 days I didn't even miss the coffee- I woke up wanting my energy drink. I mixed a scoop of energy with 1/3 cup organic apple juice and then 2/3 cup water. Just to get a little added flavor. I began sleeping better at night. I began waking so much easier in the morning. I wake up now around 7 AM feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. (Before I was dragging out of bed around 8:30 feeling like I still needed 2 more hours of sleep). My hormones/cycles were back and normalized within 1 week.

 I didn't realize my problem over the past had been due to sluggish or toxic adrenal glands. Once I began to put the right nutrients in that helped flush out toxins and give them what they needed to function properly-so many things began to line up positively for my health.

There are so many other great products too, including the essential oil line (the only 100%  Oils to have 100% USDA Organic Certification) which I will get into more as I share what we are taking. If you have any questions or want to learn more feel free to contact me. I hope to share this with every person and to help them change the quality of their health and lives as it has done for me and my family. It's easy to get started and just get your own products at a discount. No huge inventories are required to start.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Loving Lightroom for photo editing

 Over the past few months I have been learning more about photo editing in Lightroom 5. 

One thing I love about it is when you deal with raw files, you can pull more colors out. The first shot is what my camera captured. Unedited. Pretty good picture. It was just before dark and the sun was setting fast. I actually pulled over on the road to grab some quick pics. (Not sure why the clarity is off.) I guess when you upload them directly you lose resolution these pics are 18 MP.

With just a few minor adjustments. #1 I changed the camera calibration to landscape it was on adobe standard. Then I raised the blacks and lowered the whites. I bumped the contrast just a little so that all the yellows could come out and be seen. In the first picture they are there but seem to be hiding.