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Monday, June 30, 2014

June Highlights 2014

Here are some highlights we have enjoyed so far this summer -through the month of June. We have about 40 days left before we officially start back on our normal "homeschool schedule". Right now we are still doing Math and Grammar 2-3 days a week. When we don't have activities planned that take us away.

Early in June we traveled to Texas. (Where my husband and I are from). We gave a life celebration party for his mother. She turned 75 this year. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year. She was a real trooper going through chemo, and through bladder removal, and was deemed cancer free early this year. Then in March we got word that the cancer has returned to her lung. There is no feasible medical option for her at this time.

Here is the kids with Granny.
Peyton with his 2nd cousin, Tyler.

Gary with granddaughter, Khloe.

Lexi with my mom.
One thing great is that almost all our family lives in the same are in Texas.
So we usually get to see them all at the same time when we do go visit.
Fun with friends on the lake.

Fishing Fun

Jump Jam with friends.

Daily Walks around the lake and park.

Girls night out with friends.
We went to eat at Jersey Girl Diner and then to see Maleficent.
A drive through the clouds to Kentucky Splash Waterpark with friends.

The best thing about blogging this, is later I can remind the kids of all the fun things we did during the summer. They tend to have short memories of our activities, and say "we never go anywhere." LOL A picture is worth a thousand words.
The past month has went by fast and I think July will fly by too.