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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visit To Ijams

Today our hiking club went to Ijams Nature Center. This is a great place to view nature, hike, play, and they have a little exhibit area too. We haven't been in a couple years and I have to say after going today I am very sad that I haven't taken advantage of it more. It is a great place to go and free to the public.

Here are some pictures of what we did today. We hiked the Universal and River Trails today. Then played in Jo's Grove which is like fairy land for kids. I never even knew this existed, so I think it might be a new addition. It is a great place to have a picnic lunch and allow the kids to play, jump over logs etc.

At the Discovery Center

One of the many scenic views along the river trail.

A beautiful farm across the river. On the river trail.

Beautiful wild foliage line the trails.

A couple trails are paved. But not all. So be sure to ask and plan appropriately if you plan to take a stroller.

Jo's Grove. This is like a fairy play land for kids. There are little huts made from sticks, a playhouse, Logs to walk on, or sit on. Picnic tables and benches for lunch or for watching the kids play. The area is all shaded. It was a lovely little place to play. Even the 14 year old boys enjoyed it.

I found out today that they actually have many planned events during the summer months. Many times a hike is planned with a volunteer. These are great because most of the time, theses people know a lot about the plants, and wildlife in the park and can point it out. For more information visit their website.