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Friday, August 8, 2014

Australia Unit Study -Week 1

I have to say that my favorite thing about homeschooling is the journey.  Not only are my children learning, but I am learning new things every day with them. As we study a subject, I learn and my passion also becomes ignited. It's not just pouring information in-it is helping kids ask questions about things-and helping them go get those answers.

This month, in our History/Geography program we are learning about Australia. We will take 3-4 weeks to explore this continent. The curriculum I chose is very much, a research based curriculum. It really guides the children -having them learn things about that country/continent. We learn about the geography, the topography, the culture, history, wildlife, agriculture, trade, natural resources etc. We also add in living books. So we can engage in the lives of people through a book located in the country.

Here are a few books I got from the library. This will help them do research. I also allow some internet use. I want them to use multiple resources, and not just google the answers.

Lexi is reading "Quicksand Pony." and Peyton is reading a Kindle book "Escape to Murray River". 

I found a couple videos -that would enable us to learn about the Great Barrier Reef and Amazing Animals in Australia. During this month they will do written and oral reports on these subjects. They have to choose one animal to research. They will give a report on the Great Barrier Reef. I like mixing it, and not making them write every single thing. I believe they can learn best by doing different types of reports.

Here is the map work they did the first week.

A list of things to label:

Geography Research

On Monday -they defined some geographical terms as well as found unique things about Australia.

Then each day they did a page of research. Here are a couple days.


We also watched Youtube videos on the Great Artesian Basin and Lake Eyre.
Next week will be even more fun as they begin to do various reports and projects.
So far -I am loving this curriculum. You can add to it as you see fit. You can decide how much you feel each child needs to do. Another great benefit when dealing with children of multiple ages is that the activities are labeled for JR High and High School. So I can assign those to upper level students in addition to the regular work. It could even be used as a 2 year curriculum if you wanted to do a more exhaustive review.