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Friday, August 15, 2014

Australia Unit Week 2

This week we continued our Australia Study. We are using 180 Days Around the World. I love this curriculum It is so incredibly versatile. Anyway, here is what we learned about this week. The kids have really excelled here and surprised me with their work and creativity. I really love that they are learning to research more on their own, and write and do projects about it.

Sometimes the kids have the same assignments, some times they are age specific assignments. They will list Jr. High assignments and High School Assignments. Other times I may decide that Lexi do an assignment and choose a different one for Peyton.

This is an assignment I chose for Peyton to do. He had to create a map showing the industry, agriculture etc. of Australia. He also had to create a map key. I think he did great, but I would have preferred a little more color in the map, but I thought his pictures were pretty creative.
He was allowed to choose and animal to do a report about.  He chose the Dingo.

They really enjoyed this activity and really came out shining with their creativity and humor.
They had to each design a travel brochure on some place in Australia.
Peyton chose New South Wales.
He read about fruit farms in New South Wales-and that all the fruit on the Island comes from this area. So it became a pretty big part of his brochure.
On the first page, he highlights fishing and fruit.
The next pages talk about hiking (mountains in the area),
and visiting a real live working fruit farm.
Surfing, and fruit eating and a no refund policy. (Humor there.) LOL

Here is some of Lexi's work.
Her travel brochure was on the Great Barrier Reef

She includes facts, activities like diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, etc.

Her animal report on Koalas, and another report she did on the Cane Toad problem.