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Monday, August 4, 2014

Homeschool First Day and Schedule

Today we started back on our regular homeschool schedule. Peyton is a freshman (9th grade) and Lexi is in 7th grade.

Here they are at breakfast goofing off.

Lexi has some scrambled eggs I made her.

Peyton eating biscuits he made himself.
(Well they were frozen and he baked them.)

Peyton working on Algebra 1 and Computer Programming Course through Kahn Academy.


Lexi working on her science.

Here is the schedule I set up for this year.

8:00 Wake up, make beds, dress, eat, clean up after breakfast.

Work on any independent subject you want until 9:30. (Science, Math and Bible, Spelling)

9:30 (Together) Devotions, Language Arts, History/Geography

11:30 Lunch

Finish work.

Daily Reading

2:00 PE (Dance Exercise etc.)


Then free time if chores are done.