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Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Highlights

Wow September has flown by, and it looks like we will get little relief in October. All but 3 days are already full on our calendar and a few days we have multiple things to do. Of course October's busyness is due to some fun family outings we have planned.

Here are our highlights for September.
Mid September we took a week off and went to Myrtle Beach.
It was the kids first time at the beach. (At least that they can remember.)
We had a great time. We stayed right on the ocean at a resort.
It had a water park type area in it-so between swimming
and the beach-they had a blast!

Cherry Grove Pier
A big stingray swimming under the pier.

Back home in Tennesssee, I decided to get busy with my photography again.

Me and my daughter chasing a sunset-to capture some pics. She is on my truck playing with my iphone 6 taking some pictures so we can compare.