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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Photo Shoot Down Memory Lane

Rogersville, Tennessee
Memory Lane 1950's Nostalgia Town
Behind Eldridge Auto Sales

Our photo club recently got the opportunity to visit this place. It was not open to the public-so we had complete access to all the places outside-to shoot to our hearts delight. They hold an annual antique auto show on Memorial Day weekend. The Owner is Otis Eldridge, He made this town on his land. It is so unique and a great place to visit. 

Entering the town you cross these rail road tracks. 

Old General Store, and water tower.

Old General Store

Old trailer homes. 

1950's home with carport. 

Moonshine still

I loved this old coke truck. I remember going to a small general store in Texas when I was young, getting a bottled drink out of the machine. 
(And they had those huge coolers too, that you would slide over to get a drink.) 

An Old Diner

Airplane hanger with a couple no longer flying planes.

Old 1950's Texaco Station


Tons of old disabled cars grace the grounds. 

A lovely covered bridge over a creek.

An Old church and home.

The old town-with a body shop, bowling alley, savings and loan, fire station and more. 

An Old Drive Inn Movie Theater

Old Schoolhouse and bus. 

View from bottom of the hill with ferris wheel, carousel, and trike go round. 

Movie Theater

Old Car Dealer

Body Shop