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Monday, June 22, 2015

Amis Mill and Eatery

I stumbled across this place the other day. What a hidden gem. I happened to be in Rogersville, Tn. for a photo shoot at Memory Lane. (See previous post.) Anyway, I was looking for other things of interest, and thought I might check out the downtown area.  I saw a sign pointing me to a historic home site. (Amis homesite.) So I drove about 2 miles out of town on Bear Hollow Rd. What a lovely little place. It is a restaurant located right beside a pretty creek.  So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

 I walked behind the building because I spotted a really cool old truck. (I thought it would make a good HDR shot.)

 I then noticed a trail-with an entrance. It looked really neat. I saw a guy walking and asked him if he worked there. He said yes. So I began inquiring-"Where does this trail go?" after a little back and forth conversation of me basically just asking another question after every answer, he said "Well would you like me to take you around the property in the golf cart and give you a tour?"  What can I say I was ecstatic. I grabbed my camera bag and jumped in. Away we went on a tour of the property. 

All through this trail-there are birdhouses. Many trees along the trail have them. They are all different and it is really unique to see them all. 

Along the trail there is this pretty little wedding chapel.
Christian Gardens-This is where they make their very own vegetables for the eatery!
 I love fresh veggies. 

The Amis Home Place. It is actually lived in by Jake Jacobs. 
His wife is 5 generations from Thomas Amis. I had the pleasure to meet him. 
He was very pleasant and gave me some great history about the place. 

 A few minutes later we drove down to the creek. It is beautifully wooded and there are quite a few picnic tables around if you just want to come out and enjoy some serenity.

Another view of the eatery from the creek area. 

Another herb and veggie garden!

The waterfall was low. (I actually saw a youtube video where this was gushing.) But I guess the lack of rain this year and set it down to just a trickle. 

 Anyway, If you ever get out this way! Stop by for a visit. The people are extra friendly and
I hear the food is great and can't wait to go back with the family and try it!