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Monday, June 22, 2015

Amis Mill and Eatery

I stumbled across this place the other day. What a hidden gem. I happened to be in Rogersville, Tn. for a photo shoot at Memory Lane. (See previous post.) Anyway, I was looking for other things of interest, and thought I might check out the downtown area.  I saw a sign pointing me to a historic home site. (Amis homesite.) So I drove about 2 miles out of town on Bear Hollow Rd. What a lovely little place. It is a restaurant located right beside a pretty creek.  So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

 I walked behind the building because I spotted a really cool old truck. (I thought it would make a good HDR shot.)

 I then noticed a trail-with an entrance. It looked really neat. I saw a guy walking and asked him if he worked there. He said yes. So I began inquiring-"Where does this trail go?" after a little back and forth conversation of me basically just asking another question after every answer, he said "Well would you like me to take you around the property in the golf cart and give you a tour?"  What can I say I was ecstatic. I grabbed my camera bag and jumped in. Away we went on a tour of the property. 

All through this trail-there are birdhouses. Many trees along the trail have them. They are all different and it is really unique to see them all. 

Along the trail there is this pretty little wedding chapel.
Christian Gardens-This is where they make their very own vegetables for the eatery!
 I love fresh veggies. 

The Amis Home Place. It is actually lived in by Jake Jacobs. 
His wife is 5 generations from Thomas Amis. I had the pleasure to meet him. 
He was very pleasant and gave me some great history about the place. 

 A few minutes later we drove down to the creek. It is beautifully wooded and there are quite a few picnic tables around if you just want to come out and enjoy some serenity.

Another view of the eatery from the creek area. 

Another herb and veggie garden!

The waterfall was low. (I actually saw a youtube video where this was gushing.) But I guess the lack of rain this year and set it down to just a trickle. 

 Anyway, If you ever get out this way! Stop by for a visit. The people are extra friendly and
I hear the food is great and can't wait to go back with the family and try it!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Photo Shoot Down Memory Lane

Rogersville, Tennessee
Memory Lane 1950's Nostalgia Town
Behind Eldridge Auto Sales

Our photo club recently got the opportunity to visit this place. It was not open to the public-so we had complete access to all the places outside-to shoot to our hearts delight. They hold an annual antique auto show on Memorial Day weekend. The Owner is Otis Eldridge, He made this town on his land. It is so unique and a great place to visit. 

Entering the town you cross these rail road tracks. 

Old General Store, and water tower.

Old General Store

Old trailer homes. 

1950's home with carport. 

Moonshine still

I loved this old coke truck. I remember going to a small general store in Texas when I was young, getting a bottled drink out of the machine. 
(And they had those huge coolers too, that you would slide over to get a drink.) 

An Old Diner

Airplane hanger with a couple no longer flying planes.

Old 1950's Texaco Station


Tons of old disabled cars grace the grounds. 

A lovely covered bridge over a creek.

An Old church and home.

The old town-with a body shop, bowling alley, savings and loan, fire station and more. 

An Old Drive Inn Movie Theater

Old Schoolhouse and bus. 

View from bottom of the hill with ferris wheel, carousel, and trike go round. 

Movie Theater

Old Car Dealer

Body Shop

Wilderness Wildlife Week-Photography Sessions and More

I shared more in my previous post about Wilderness Wildlife Week and so many of the different things you can see and experience there.  My favorite part is the free photography sessions they offer!   Here is a list of the ones I had the opportunity to attend this year.
Nature Photography Workshop -This was my favorite one so far!  Danny Dempster showed pictures during his part. He shot photos for a couple books on Best Wing Destinations.
He spoke about theme shooting. He had the most incredibly cute pictures of these puppy hunting dogs. He showed the relationship of the dog and the hunter, the decoys, the guns, the birds, etc.
 Very fascinating. While I missed getting some puppy shots to share here. You can visit his website and see his Wing Shoot here.
Lightroom Photo Editing Software- I have been using Lightroom pretty exclusively for the last year. This was a great beginner course. I did pick up a few tips here-even though I had already been using LR. (I also got the opportunity to take a free class last year with the LeConte Photographic Society in Sevierville.) Bob McAnally offered a free class on Saturdays once a month, where I was able to learn a lot! 
Making Your Images Pop-by Larry Perry. There was a slide show on flowers and then an example on how to make a slide show.
Photography Hardware Calibration-I did sit in on this one for about 30 minutes, then it went a bit over my head.  You need to purchase a software to do this for your monitor. I am going to have to come back to this at a later time and perhaps hit some youtube videos on how to do this. He did mention this is for more nit picky people. Right now this is lower on my priority list.
The Mindset and Techniques Behind Creating Inspiring Outdoor Photographs. -This was my second favorite session to get to attend! I just love Danny Dempster's style and his pictures are so inspiring!  Here are a few of his photos he used during the slide show! I hate that I didn't think to snap any of the cute dogs so I could share them!

You can purchase this print here.

He also mentioned that 99% of the time he shoots in Aperature Priority mode.
 Something I want to start trying more.
Understanding the Essentials of Light-Doug Hubbard. I liked this class and it was informative, but I would have really liked a lot more pictures with examples of pictures. Pictures speak to me louder than slides with words.
Photography-Art, Documentation, Fun or Profit. This was done by Clay Thurston. I had never heard of him before, but I did happen upon his booth in the Exhibit area. INCREDIBLE! He has amazing pictures.  I also loved his passion. He mentioned that the photos he sells the most-really are more about interest than it just being a great shot. 2 horses kissing, and Owl, a funny squirrel that is cute, and an incredible close up of a dragonfly.
I plan to go back Friday to attend some more.
I joined the LeConte Photographic Society this past fall -so I will be working the booth on Friday from 10-12. Then I will be attending these workshops:
Where and When to Photgraph the Smokies -Spring and Summer.  By Roger Tentham. Roger is in our photo club. (LPS) I get the opportunity to see his work every month at the club and he also recently did a free program for our club called "How to ruin a picture." It was really good and informative. He is also doing Where and When to photograph the Smokies Fall and Winter-but I am not going to be able to attend that one. (Guess I will have to ask for his notes!)
The Do's and Don'ts of Bird Photography-Clay Thurston
Alive Photo 25+ Pros on Why They are Outdoor Photographers- Paul Hassell
These are just a few of the many photography sessions alone that they offered! Plus so much more. If you haven't ever been it's a great event to attend.