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Friday, September 11, 2015

Kim Davis, Daniel and the Fiery Furnace (Where was the rest of Israel?)

   I have to say-out of all the things that bother me about the Kim Davis situation nothing bothers me more-than seeing Christan after Christian attacking and criticizing her. (Just to be fair, there are also many Christians in agreement with her in regards to her acting in order to not violate her conscience..) Those are not the ones I am concerned about. It is those who want to oppose her-for taking a stand-she felt she should take. She drew a line in the sand.

I have read over 20 articles on this subject. I have read more facebook posts than I can even count. I see comment after comment from people who say they are Christans. Christians calling for her to obey the law despite her conscience. Still others have attacked her personal character- and the fact that she has been married a few times and is thus a hypocrite. (While they no nothing more to the story and on what grounds those marriages might have ended, or if she was even saved at the time.)  Another argument is that if you work for the government you must obey the law-no matter what because you must obey if you are an official-as if you don't have to if you aren't. (And we know this isn't true because we have a whole administration in the White House, IRS, DOJ, Federal and State Immigration officials, governors, mayors, etc. that don't follow, or obey laws.) In fact right now in Texas we have a gay judge refusing to issue heterosexual liscenses. She is still free-and has no charges against her. We also know that many court officials married homosexuals when it was illegal. (They too were never jailed over it.)

When do we as fellow believers get to decide what is and isn't okay in the conscience of another Christian? Why do so many believe they get to pass judgement on her or criticize her for this? I can understand her argument-and even if you disagree with her about it-or feel you would have done differently -how can you attack her?  I believe the prayer and fasting that she did prior prepared her to allow God to get the highest glory in the matter. How many other people-who have decided to criticize her fasted and prayed for many days about this issue and how to handle it? I have to admire her dedication in the matter.

It reminds me of a story about some Israelites. They were conquered and carried off to Babylon. Daniel and his companions-Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego were among them. Reports are that somewhere between 14,000 and 18,000 Israelites were carried off into captivty. (Reference from the Jewish Encyclopedia.)  Daniel did not want to defile his conscience and eat the King's non-Kosher food. He asks for permission-and is granted it. What would have happened if they demanded he eat it? I don't know. What was the rest of Israel eating? Were they keeping their Kosher laws? Or had they already abandoned them in the name of tolerance?

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Later Daniel is confronted with another law-that forbids him to pray to God. He refuses to comply. He gets thrown into the Lion's Den. (Which turns out to glorify God.)  Where was the rest of Israel? Why weren't they in the Lion's Den with him? (Perhaps the trap was set for him alone and no one cared about the rest of them.) Then again years later-the king makes a golden image and makes a law that all must bow to it. Daniel's 3 companions refuse. According to many of these Christians -Daniel and these three should have complied with these laws of Babylon.  Guess where the other Isralites were during this time? On the ground with their heads bowed low to a golden image! They were totally ingrained into the ways of Babylon- very few held to their former faith. The whole reason they even ended up in Babylon was because of their idolatry and compromise to begin with! I bet they too were murmuring about Daniel and these three-and how they should have just obeyed the King's orders on all these matters.

Daniel and his 3 companions chose to obey their consceinces over-the law, and God showed himself mighty in the midst of it. But, these men also held the belief that even if God did not rescue them-they would not bow- (violate their conscience.) I see defiling your conscience as a direct act against your faith. This is what Kim sees too. The Kentucky governor and all others who serve the public (Including Obama who says he is a Christian) -those who say we need to keep our religion and faith out of public service-I say this. If you are a Christian, your faith should be seen in what you do every day, not just at home or at church. You can't seperate your vocation or anything else you do in life from your faith. Your faith is the core-of what you believe about God and relationships. It is core to right and wrong. Do we work as unto the Lord or unto men? 

We really cannot believe that they will not make us eat and drink of this new SSM ideology. They will force it on us and on our children. They will teach it in our schools, and villify all who oppose it. Will we bow? Or will stand our ground on It and other matters of faith and conscience? At what point is it bowing to this ideology?  Depends upon whom you ask.  To Kim, I would say issuing the license with her name on them-was approval and thus-meaning she bowed to it. To some farmers in New York it is allowing their personal farms to be used for SSM weddings which they oppose. To a private bakery-it is baking a cake and putting 2 men or women on top.

 We need to pray for our nation and also that God would make a way for us to coexist with the new ruling and keep our religious freedoms -so we can remain true to our own consciences. (For those without a conscience in the matter-quit attacking those that do have one.) If he doesn't make a way for us to peacefully co-exist-then we should prepare to suffer for our faith just like others before us have done! Just like others around the world are suffering for their faith in Jesus.