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Curriculum We are Using This Year 2014-2015

The greatest service we can do to education today is to teach fewer subjects. No one has time to do more than a very few things well before he is twenty, and when we force a boy to be a mediocrity in a dozen subjects we destroy his standards, perhaps for life." CS Lewis

Our curriculum choices change yearly depending upon 
our homeschooling and academic goals. We began Homeschooling when 
my son Peyton was in PreK. My daughter was 3 at the time. 
We have primarily used a Unit Study approach, adding in a formal math program.
This year we are continuing with a literature based approach for history/geography.

Peyton is in 9th grade this year and Lexi is in 7th.

Bible and Devotions
We normally have daily devotions with music. I play the guitar and we sing a few songs. We have a prayer and devotion time. We will finish Dangerous Devotions for kids.
We each have our own daily devotions too.
Peyton is doing a study in Diligence, he has reading and written work with this.
Lexi is doing a study on Girls of the Bible.

180 Days Around the World

Around the World in 180 Days SET Tchr & Wrkbk | Main Photo (Cover)
I gave the first unit a try over the summer to see how we would like it.
I think it will be a good fit. Both kids will be doing this. It will incorporate our literature with history and geography. The kids will be making maps of each continent, filling them in with rivers, mountains, countries, capital cities etc. They will learn the natural resources, history and culture of the countries and will do independent projects. We learned so much about Africa in our 6 week study of it. I hope to post more as we go along through it.

Language Arts

I'm really excited to try this new program out. It is called Cover Story. It is for middle school students but can also be used with 9th graders for an English 1 Credit.
I'm also excited that we can do this together.
I am also getting Easy Grammar Plus for extra helps-because Lexi really could use some additional grammar practice. (Plus we can use it next year as a resource as well.)

Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Edition | Main photo (Cover)

For Lexi, I will add in Apples for spelling.

Apples: Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students | Main photo (Cover)

Peyton will be using Apologia Exploring Creation through Physical Science
and will be taking it along with labs at our local homeschool co-op.

Exploring Creation with Physical Science Text Only | Main photo (Cover)

Lexi will be using a new science I found and am excited to let her try.
 It is called Truth in Science.

Peyton is using Kahn Academy Algebra 1 and loves it. (I love that it is free, and that he loves it!)
Lexi is currently using Kahn Academy for 7th grade too along with  Key to Decimals.
I love that this program customizes things for you based on your skills.
Key to Decimals complete set workbooks + keys | Main photo (Cover)

Physical Education
We do daily walks, Wii fit, xbox Kinect and wii dancing, hiking, fishing, etc.
Peyton will also include some weight lifting.
I also take Zumba.

Computer Programming
Peyton is taking this through Kahn Academy as well. He is learning to write his own programs.

Fine Arts
Lexi plans to take Hip Hop and Modern Dancing.